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Kindergarten Mrs. Schmerge

What's Happening in Kindergarten

We are well into the third quarter of Kindergarten!  The children are becoming very familiar with sounding out and reading CVC words.  They are reading books with longer sentences and are practicing beginning and ending blends.  They continue to use the digraphs th-, sh- and ch- in their reading and writing.  The children have been writing "stories" using the transitional words first, then,next, now and last.  And finally we have begun simple addition and subtraction equations incorporating ten frames.

The Kindergarten students will be reciting the poem, "Lovely Lady" at Mass in the Cathedral on Friday May 5th.  We encourage parents, grandparents and friends to attend Mass with us that day.

The next Kindergarten Reader's Theater performance will be on Feb. 21st at 8:05 am.  We will be singing songs about Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Jesus.  Next month the parents are in for a real treat!  We will be learning 5 dances along with our St. Patrick's Day songs.  It will be on March 21st at 8:05 am.

We continue to perform our songs each month at Aspen Winds Retirement Home.  The children are making colorful shamrocks with Irish Blessings to give to the residents there.  All are welcome to join us each month when we go to perform our songs.

The Kindergarten classes (I mean parents) are building the Ultimate Lego Table for the Fanfare Auction on Saturday March 18th at Little America.  It will consist of a two-sided  lego table with ample storage on both sides.  There will also be a large variety of lego sets to go with the table.  We hope it brings in lots of money for the school.

We have already had several new students come to check out our school for next year.  If you will have a child ready to enter Kindergarten in Aug. of 2017, please call the school and set up an appointment to come and visit our classrooms.

Schmerge.jpgYears teaching: 
28, 25 at St. Mary’s Catholic School

Bachelor of Arts, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education – University of Northern Colorado

What is the best thing about teaching: Teaching can be a very rewarding field. Every day is an adventure and it is so exciting to see the children’s faces light up when they learn something new.

Why have you chosen to be at St. Mary’s: I have always wanted to teach in a Catholic School because much more is taught there than just academics. We are allowed to teach the whole child including morals, values, responsibility and independence. I can’t imagine teaching without being allowed to stop to pray to God for help and thanksgiving.